Monday, July 13, 2009

Mommy and Daddy's Getaway Weekend

Jason and I went to Laughlin this weekend...with no kids! Jaxon and Kendall spent the night at Amma and Papa's (Kendall's first night away from home!). My whole family was there celebrating the upcoming wedding of my little cousin Angie.

Instead of the "bachelorette/bachelor party" thing they decided to just do a family river trip instead. So we hitched up the boat and had a nice time. We were only gone for one night but we still missed our kids soooo much! The last time we went anywhere overnight was a year ago when I was pregnant and we went to Palm Springs for our anniversary.

Floating on the river. BTW, I have been asking Jason to shave his mustache, but no such luck:( He doesn't like me with bangs, so since he has that mustache thing, I got bangs in revenge.

From left: Cousins Stacey, Angie (the bride) Kelli, me, Maggie and Angie's 2 friends. Lots of girls with highlights, spray tans and bikinis! LOL


  1. Looks like you two enjoyed yourself. Chris and I are ALREADY looking forward to the day when we can get away. (is that a bad sign?) LOL You look like hotsy totsy lil mama.

  2. Thanks girlfriend:) With your supportive families, there is no doubt you and Chris will be able to get away here and there!