Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I Love This Stage!

Kendall is in that cute baby stage where she is starting to understand what buttons to press on toys and she can hand me things when I ask her for them. She knows how to give kisses, wave bye-bye, do peek-a-boo, and just the other day, she put the toy phone to her ear. So cute!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

What Should We Be?

Last year for Halloween, Jaxon was a racecar driver and Kendall just wore Halloween pajamas because she was 2 weeks old. But this year I want to dress them up in something cute but I can't decide what! So I made a blog poll. BTW, when I put up the poll, weird brown lines showed up on the title section...oh well! Do I spend too much time on the computer or what?

Friday, August 21, 2009

Boys Can Play With Dolls Too!

Contrary to what my husband might think, I think it's okay if boys play with dollies once in while! The other day when I was changing Kendall, Jaxon grabbed one of her dolls off the shelf, got a bottle and began to rock the baby doll. He sang, "How Great Is Our God" to his baby, just like his Amma has sung to him (and Kendall) since they were newborns. He patted her back, shushed in her ear and then threw her on the floor and went to his room to play with something else...oh well!

Mama, Come Look!!

Jaxon was eating his toast this morning and Kendall was sitting and playing with toys. I went to put laundry in the dryer and Jaxon shouts, "Mama, come look! Baby is tanding up!" (Jaxon pronounces it 'tanding') So I guess she can pull up now! She doesn't even crawl the right way...she just scoots around in the sitting position.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

10 Months Old!

Here's our little miss 10 month old Kendall on our new swingset. She loves it!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Look What We Got!

Question: How many grandpas, uncles, and daddies does it take to build a swingset??

Answer: A lot!! (3 uncles, 2 grandpas, 1 daddy and a few grandmas thrown in to babysit)

After church on Sunday, the guys got to work building Jaxon and Kendall's new swingset. They got started when Jaxon was taking a nap. So when he woke up and went outside, he was asking, "What you building?"

Going out to have a look.

Daddy telling Jaxon that they were building him a swingset.

A little confused.

Daddy showing Jaxon a picture in the directions.

Now he's getting it...a slide!

After hours of hard work by the men, it was finished.

Yay! Cousins Jaxon and Corah can swing!

Kendall loved to swing!

Even the grandmas got in on the action

I see a lot of fun times in the backyard in our future...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Summer Fun!

This week has been jammed packed with some fun summer activities. Monday was the beach, Tuesday was the splash pad at our local park and Wednesday we went to Knott's Berry Farm!

Jaxon loved the splash pad at the park.

We went to Knott's with Heather and her kids, Avah and Brenan. We are in line for the log ride and we got drenched!

Jaxon has so much fun on the rides!

Posing with Avah and Brenan while waiting for the train.

On the stagecoach!
Jaxon's favorite ride was the "little" big rig truck ride.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Afternoon at the Beach

My kids have NEVER been to the beach...yes I'm a bad mother! LOL

Today we went to Crystal Cove in Newport Beach (great beach to take kids to BTW) We had relatives in town from Minnesota so we met them at the beach for lunch. Jaxon wasn't too sure about his feet in the water and sand, but after a few minutes he loved it. He kept telling Mema, "It's coming!" when the water would rush in.

Mommy, Mema, Jaxon and Kendall

I should have taken the picture from the other direction, and then Jaxon's name wouldn't have been upside down!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Day at the Lake

On Sunday we decided to take the kids to Lake Perris. We were pleasantly surprised that the lake wasn't crowded or dirty.

Jaxon and Daddy taking a walk.

Jaxon laying underneath the boat. I wish he really would have taken a nap under there! He just wanted to pose instead.

Mr. Serious and Bikini Baby

Kendall loved the boat!

Except when Jaxon was trying to manhandle her.