Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hearing Test

On Monday, Jaxon had another hearing test at Providence Speech and Hearing Center, where he has been going since he was a baby. He had an "aided and unaided" test, meaning they see what he can hear with and without his hearing aides on. His test showed the same results that he has had since age 2 months, that he has mild hearing loss in his left ear and mild to moderate in his right ear. His hearing aides bring him up to "normal hearing". The audiologist wasn't testing his speech but she did mention, "Wow, his speech is off the charts!" So Jaxon being a CHATTERBOX is a good thing!
It just so happens that Providence is right across the street from Main Place Mall (how convenient!) so Jaxon and I got to hang out...just the two of us! We rarely get to do that and since Kendall was with Mema, we had lunch and shopped for a little bit. On the way out, Jaxon spotted the kid rides and so he rode on the Bob the Builder ride and a boat. I ran out of quarters or else we would have been there all day!

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  1. Good news! So nice to have quality time with one kid at a time!