Monday, January 18, 2010

Punkin Pie

Kendall's latest nickname is Punkin Pie, or Punky for short. Recently she was practicing her walking skills by pushing the barstool across the floor. At 15 months, she will walk here and there, but she will not give up her famous scooting! I don't think she's ever going to grow hair either.

She looooves to push Jaxon in any type of car. She pushes him all over the house.

Practicing walking with Daddy. Don't mind the million toys everywhere. We put them away every night and then the next day they are out again.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Jaxon's Birthday Celebration(s)

Jaxon's birthday celebrations began on Saturday night at the Rainforest Cafe. One of his presents was motorcycle gloves from Uncle Dean.

Chit chatting with Corah at dinner.

Uncle Ra Ra helping Jaxon blow out his candles at dinner.
Uncle Ra Ra bought Jaxon the "Kobe Bryant" Lakers shoes for his birthday!

After dinner, he got to go to "Build a Bear". He is giving his unstuffed bear to the lady.

Giving his bear a good scrub after being stuffed.

Dressing his new bear, "Kobe" in Laker gear. Daddy, Uncle Dean and Uncle Ra Ra are all Laker fans so I guess Jaxon will be too!

Back at home, Mema got Jaxon a little quad!

Kendall, our little fearless girl, climbed right on and rode around like a pro. She cried and pouted when Daddy took her off.

The next day, Mommy and Daddy took Jaxon to Knott's Berry Farm! Kendall stayed with Mema.

Jaxon on the "Huff and Puff"... Over the summer, we went to Knott's with Heather, Brenan and Avah and he was to scared to go on this ride, but apparently he has overcome his fear!

Twins, smiling. Notice they have the SAME facial expression.

See? Two peas in a pod!

No crowds, cheaper than Disneyland and a lot of tiny rides for toddlers...Jaxon had fun!

Although he looks pretty scared on the log ride!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Baby Boy

Today my baby (not baby anymore!) turned 3 years old. The past three years have passed by in an blink of an eye. Jaxon had 3 days of birthday celebrations...more pictures to come. But for now, here's the birthday boy getting ready to blow out his candles.