Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Angel Game

Daddy and Uncle Ra-Ra took Jaxon to his first baseball game. Jaxon's favorite part of the evening was the food (of course!). It was "hat night" so everyone got a free Angel's hat.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Summer Adventures

These two cuties have been to a few fun places this summer!

At the beginning of July, I took the kids to Pretend City in Irvine. It's a very cool children's museum with lots to do and "pretend" with.

Dressing up like a police man.

Jaxon's favorite part was working in the grocery store.

Dancing on the stage.

Driving a car...Kendall is not picking her nose, just her teeth!

Browsing in the grocery store.

Working at a construction site.

Long Beach Aquarium was next!

Watching the rays.

Holding on to a shark tail!

Smiling with the fishies.

Too busy looking at the fish to pose for Mom and Mema's cameras.

Touching starfish.

Kendall's turn!

Looking tired and ready to head home!

Visiting Grandpa at his machine shop!

Sitting on the fork lift.

Grandpa showing how things work.

Another adventure...Lake Mead!

Swimmin' with Daddy. (gotta have shades!)

Why can't I get a picture of my family where the kids are looking??

Kendall driving the boat...good thing Jaxon was taking a nap or he would would have never allowed this!

If Kendall would have looked, I could have this as my Christmas card picture:)

Jaxon "swimming" to Dad.

Made it to safety!

Our little punkin pie flying high!
Hopefully we will have lots more adventures to come!!