Sunday, May 3, 2009

Our Little Worker

I came home from an errand and Jaxon was soaking wet. He was being Dad's little shadow as usual! As Jaxon explained he was "Wa Wa the Dewey!" In Jaxon Language that means, "Wash the Dually" Since Jaxon was born with mild hearing loss, his hearing aides are to help with speech. We were worried when he was a baby that he might have a major speech delay and/or problems but so far he has been doing really well. In fact, he literally won't stop talking from the moment he wakes up to the moment he goes to sleep! I know I will forget some of his cute pronunciations if I don't write them down. There are a lot more, but it's hard to remember!

Snowman= Homo-man

Craft= Crap (What did you make in church, Jaxon? He tells us "A crap!")

Mema= MiMi


Grandpa=Gra Gra Pa

Salami=Ta momie (Dad gave him salami, not me!)

Lemonade=meh meh made

Grandma Nona=Amma No No

Uncle Ryan=Uh Uh Ra Ra

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