Sunday, May 17, 2009

Helping Daddy Again

At the mere mention of helping Daddy wash the boat, Jaxon was chomping at the bit. That was all he could talk about. He only came inside to ask me for a snack and to tell me, "I have poop". The rest of the day he spent helping Daddy with the boat, which has been sitting all winter.

By the way, anyone want to buy this fabulous piece of fiberglass? If you act fast, it can be yours for the low, rock bottom price of just $60,000!! For all I know, the engine alone is probably worth millions. (I hide clothes from my husband that I buy; he hides boat engines) Also included are countless hours of family fun on the river and my husband's hopes and dreams all rolled into one! But beware: if you do buy our boat, you might see my husband running after you in tears, screaming, "Come back! Come back!"

Driving and posing.

This kid will not sit still for one minute.

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