Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jaxon Went to Kindergarten!

Well, mama's kindergarten class, that is. I decided to take Jaxon with my class on our field trip to the library and fire station. Every few minutes on our walk there he would ask, "Mama, where is fi-ah ta ton?" (Mama, where is fire station?) He was a good boy as long as I kept the snacks coming on his stroller tray. Other than peeing through his diaper on his jeans (and my shirt), everything went well!

Mr. Shy Guy

We got to go on the swings while we waited for the firemen to get ready for our tour.

Listening to the children's librarian at the library. I told Jaxon to sit "criss cross applesauce" and he obeyed...for all of 30 seconds.

Mr. Shy Guy again in front of the fire truck

Jaxon liked when the fireman put on his helmet

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  1. So cool Kristal. How fun for him. Already being exposed to school and education before his time. You're such a good mama.