Monday, April 6, 2009

We Did It!

Last night, Jaxon was hugging Kendall (more like torturing). She doesn't look too happy! Anyways, Little Miss Kendall wakes up every night for no reason. Yesterday, we bought a sound machine and guess what...she loves the sound of ocean because she never woke up until 6:45 this morning! Hopefully it works again tonight!

Jaxon woke up with a dry diaper so we stripped him down and after he sat on his potty chair for a looong time, he went potty in it! I see potty training in our future. Now we are off the sit on the Easter Bunny's lap...I wonder if Jaxon will freak out like he did last year and on Santa's lap?

Look at Kendall's chubby chipmunk cheeks! Her cheek is all red from Daddy's scratchy face.

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