Friday, April 24, 2009

I Hate This Economy

As everyone well knows, we are in one of the worst economic periods in history. If you are not directly affected by the economy, then you have family and friends who are. Jason's business has been steadily getting slower as the economy has been getting worse. I only worked the first two weeks of this school year and then went on maternity leave to have Kendall. My pay just ran out, and with Jason's business REALLY SLOW, things are very tough. At a last minute decision, Jason and I came to the conclusion that I will have to go back to my classrom for the last 7 weeks of school...that means this Monday!!

I am totally devastated because I have NEVER left Kendall for more than a few hours since she has been born. When Jaxon was born, I stayed home for the first nine months and then went back to work part time and my mom watched him the two days a week I worked. I have loved being home with my babies and now my heart is breaking because I have to leave them every day. My mom will watch them Mondays and Tuesdays and Jason will have to be Mr. Mom the rest of the week. I know things could be a lot worse, so I am trying to find the positive parts in this mess. At least they will be with their Mema and Daddy. Jason will finally see how hard my job really was (and maybe he won't ask anymore, 'what did you do all day?') If Jason gets more work, we have joked he will have to strap Kendall to chest, put a hard hat on Jaxon and take them to the job site!

We have been praying more than ever due to this crazy economy. All around us we hear of family and friends getting layed off, seeing businesses closing and people losing their homes. I definitely took for granted the time I spent with my babies. Ever since we decided that I am going back to work, I have been putting off laundry and chores to just cuddle and play with them. I know a lot of other mommies have to leave their kids too. I just have to get through the next 7 weeks until summer vacation!


  1. Oh Kristal! I'll be praying for you and your family and hopefully Jason's business will pick back up so you can stay home. You're so wise to cuddle and play w/ your children as much as you can. The laundry and cleaning are last in comparison with spending time with your babies. Huggs.

  2. Thank you Corinne! You, too, will be cuddling babies in no time at all:)

  3. hey just wondering, does your husband do pool tile? My husband may have some work...If so pack life jackets for the kids:) really let us know and Justin will give your husband a call.