Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Day at Disneyland

In this economy, we normally wouldn't be going to Disneyland. But Jason's birthday was yesterday and he was free. Cousin Carey signed the rest of us in so we were all free! Both Jaxon and Kendall were sooo good! No fussing, whining or bad behavior. Jaxon loved every ride and Kendall got to go on everything...even Pirates of the Caribbean! The grandmas loved watching Jaxon's reaction to everything. We had a great time...and all for free!

Jason got "Happy Birthday" sung to him at lunch.

Jaxon learned how to drink out of a straw for the first Disneyland of all places!

Jaxon loved the Small World!

Sitting in a pink teacup...the real ride would have made me sick!

In front of the castle...Kendall must have had the sun in her eyes!

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