Tuesday, June 15, 2010

First Trip to the Movies

My mom and I got really brave and took Jaxon, Kendall and my niece and nephew to the movies. Corah and Cameron have been to the movies lots of times, but for my kids, it was their first time.

We lucked out because we were the only people in the theatre. Jaxon stayed in his seat the whole time and only asked a hundred questions as opposed to his usual thousand! Kendall sat on my lap eating the snacks I brought for a long time, and then she just walked in front of us the rest of the movie.

We saw Marmaduke, which kept the kids interested pretty much the whole time. After the movie, when the music was on while the credits rolled, the kids decided to have their own dance party in front of the movie screen! Kendall just kept following everyone saying "Dance, dance, dance!"

Kendall didn't look too happy before the movie started, but she was fine once we got in.

Dance party!

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