Monday, August 17, 2009

Look What We Got!

Question: How many grandpas, uncles, and daddies does it take to build a swingset??

Answer: A lot!! (3 uncles, 2 grandpas, 1 daddy and a few grandmas thrown in to babysit)

After church on Sunday, the guys got to work building Jaxon and Kendall's new swingset. They got started when Jaxon was taking a nap. So when he woke up and went outside, he was asking, "What you building?"

Going out to have a look.

Daddy telling Jaxon that they were building him a swingset.

A little confused.

Daddy showing Jaxon a picture in the directions.

Now he's getting it...a slide!

After hours of hard work by the men, it was finished.

Yay! Cousins Jaxon and Corah can swing!

Kendall loved to swing!

Even the grandmas got in on the action

I see a lot of fun times in the backyard in our future...

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  1. How fun! Kendall looks like she was enjoying it...or was that you and Kendall laughing at all the guys while they were putting it together? LOL