Monday, August 10, 2009

Afternoon at the Beach

My kids have NEVER been to the beach...yes I'm a bad mother! LOL

Today we went to Crystal Cove in Newport Beach (great beach to take kids to BTW) We had relatives in town from Minnesota so we met them at the beach for lunch. Jaxon wasn't too sure about his feet in the water and sand, but after a few minutes he loved it. He kept telling Mema, "It's coming!" when the water would rush in.

Mommy, Mema, Jaxon and Kendall

I should have taken the picture from the other direction, and then Jaxon's name wouldn't have been upside down!

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  1. Love the beach...looks like they loved it too. Don't feel bad, I'm not sure I'll take my babies to the beach for awhile. Waaay too much work...haha