Thursday, June 18, 2009

Happy 8th Month Birthday Kendall

Baby Kendall Rose turns 8 months old today. She is going through her first cold but she posed for pictures like a little model anyway! My friend Tamara gave this REALLY cute blanket for my shower (that her mom made) so I decided to use it to lay a naked baby on! I was trying to hurry so Kendall wouldn't pee on the cute blanket and we got a few cute pictures (even with Jaxon trying to interupt every second saying, "Mama, I want to lay on Mama's bed!")

Kendall is such a happy, smiley baby. She is my precious baby girl and her first 8 months have gone by so fast. You can't help but smile when you look at her because she is just SO CUTE with her super chubby cheeks and blue eyes. Her new thing is to try and reach out and "get" Jaxon when he is near her and he says, "Mama, baby is getting me!"


  1. Yay, Happy Birthday Kendall! Love the pics Kristal. So cute.

  2. Kristal, your kids are adorable! -Adrienne

  3. Ok, she is just way too cute! We will have to make Tatum and Kendall friends in the near future.