Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pumpkin Patch/Kendall's Birthday

We went to the Cal Poly Pumpkin Patch. We couldn't stay long because it started raining that day!

On the way home, we had dinner at Claim Jumper because Jaxon had a free kid's meal coupon from pre-school. Since the next day was Kendall's birthday, she got a cupcake! Exactly two years ago from that night, we were at the same Claim Jumper and I was in labor. We had to tell the waiter to HURRY back with the check. We rushed home, went to the hospital and our little Kendall was born early the next morning.
Our little cowgirl got to ride a pony for her birthday!

She got a Barbie bike for her birthday...she looks too little to ride a bike!

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  1. She looks so little on her big girl bike. Fun fun!