Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July

We had a very nice 4th of July at my mom's house. The kids took a nap and I got to lay out by the pool for a few hours which is always a treat. We barbecued and the kids had to be very patient so it was finally dark enough to do fireworks!

I had the kids pose in their outfits a few weeks ago. Jaxon made the flag in preschool.

The night before the 4th, it was pretty warm, so before bath time, I let them have ice cream cones on the front porch...and yes, Kendall is only wearing a diaper...a little trashy but who cares?! It's summer time after all!

An "ice cream" kiss

My flag cake...from scratch!!

Waiting for it to get dark with cousin Corah...Jaxon insisted on wearing this cowboy hat all night!

Kendall DID NOT like the fireworks! She was a little afraid:(


He still has that goofy hat on!

She's not too sure about this...hopefully next year she will like the fireworks!

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