Sunday, February 7, 2010

Random Pictures

Kendall can steer Jaxon's little quad all by herself. No one taught her or showed her...she just zooms around the house and makes all of the turns. Jason said we will have to put her in Go Cart racing so that she can be a Nascar driver when she grows up. That's fine but I don't know where she will have time between dancing, cheerleading and beauty pageants! Lol

Kendall bumped her cheek on our fireplace..poor baby...she got a black eye! She returned to the scene of the crime to pose.

Uncle Craig stopped by with the back of his truck filled with snow! Jaxon had fun playing in it with his cousins.

I got to hire my maid back....I even got 2 maids!! Ha ha, not really. Jaxon and Kendall were the cleaning crew. Jaxon vacuumed Kendall's "pink Tahoe" (as he calls it) for at least 30 minutes until the sound of the vacuum started driving me crazy.

Kendall helping vacuum.

Kendall joined in by getting a napkin and scrubbing the floor!

Kendall likes to take walks with her big bro...unfortunately it had to be up and down the hallway because it poured rain everyday that week!

Stay tuned for pictures of Jaxon's first day of pre-school...he is starting very soon!!

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