Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy First Birthday Kendall!

Our sweet baby Kendall turned one on Sunday. To get prepared, I gave Kendall her first's sure hard to stay inside the lines on a baby's toes.

The fam

She's not to sure about posing.


It tastes better with a flower on my head.

Over it!

My mom got Kendall a side by side picture of me and her...we look a lot alike!

Opening all of her clothes.

The cake did not turn out how I ordered it...but it still tasted good:)

This was before the party...waiting for all of the guests to arrive!


  1. Happy birthday Kendall! She looks so cute with the flower! Hey you've gotta post the pic of you and then of the pic of Kendall. I'm curious to see the similarities :)

  2. She is so cute. Happy Birthday Kendall.