Friday, September 11, 2009

Two Kids, Two Sets of Hearing Aides

When Kendall was born, she didn't pass her newborn hearing screening. So the next step was a more detailed hearing test when she was two weeks old...still didn't pass. At two months old she had an even more detailed hearing test, where they told me her hearing was on the border line of normal hearing and mild loss. Because it was so minimal, I decided to wait until she was old enough to do a "behavioral hearing test" to confirm the results and get hearing aides if necessary.

Well, today was her test and the results were the same as before: mild hearing loss, which is more hearing that Jaxon has. Hearing aides are recommended for her so that she won't have any type of speech problems (the exact same reason Jaxon has them) and since my insurance covers EVERY PENNY of the hearing aides, we will soon see Kendall wearing pink hearing aides (Jaxon has blue) Jaxon is doing really well with his speech (he NEVER stops talking in fact) so we are sure Kendall will be just fine!

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